Tango Romantico Instructional Videos


Volume 1 runs for 68 minutes. It is intended for a person who has some preliminary notion of Argentine Tango. It begins with a review description and demonstration of the embrace and basic step and builds up to complex figures in part two. All ten figures are shown at normal speed first and then in slow movements, the lady’s part, the man’s part, leading techniques and then repeated several times at normal dancing speed. At the end of each part of the course there is a demonstration of all the steps and figures interconnected. Also includes a choreographed version of "Derecho Viejo" danced in Chico State University (California) and two improvisations done in the presence of students and visitors in a Northern California dance studio.
Available now in VHS or DVD


Volume 2 runs for 87 minutes and covers ten figures of relative difficulty. The slow motion and the different angles and close ups make it very easy for the student to follow the instructions to accomplish the figures. All the steps are shown interconnected in two demonstrations at the end of each of the two parts of the course. The video ends with a choreography of the popular "El choclo" danced in a show in Northern California.
Available now in VHS or DVD


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